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What can you find in your visit to the Moco Museum? Let’s talk about the youngest Amsterdam art museum in the city

If you don’t like art or think it’s boring, this article is for you. We are not going to talk about boring museums, with old art pieces and crazy stories. In this case, we are going to talk about a young place, we are going to talk about the Moco Museum. The word “young” is perfect to define this museum, not only because it was founded in 2016, but because of the kind of art it exhibits and the way it does it. In this Amsterdam art museum you will only get young, contemporary, and creative art in its three floors and private garden. Do you like technology? Then bring the art pieces to life with augmented reality technology.

A museum designed to capture everyone’s attention

It is common to hear that museums tend to be exclusive spaces for a certain artistic trend. In many cases, these trends are boring for many people. This is not the case at the Moco Museum. It is designed in such a way that you enjoy every minute of your visit. While on one floor you can see a few paintings, on another you will have entire rooms whose walls are illuminated with a variety of colors and digital effects. This is one of the things that most appeals to young people. Imagine entering an Amsterdam art museum where you can use your cell phone camera to see things hidden in the artwork. With augmented reality technology, a painting or sculpture comes to life. There is always something to see.

How can you visit this Amsterdam art museum?

If all this has caught your attention, the next step is to schedule your next visit. You may think it’s complicated, but it’s not. Just visit the museum’s website to get all the information you need. The Moco Museum offers a complete website where it shows the exhibits it has, the available schedules, and the ticket prices. You will be able to buy them online. If you have any questions, you can always consult with their customer support service and they will be happy to assist you. Definitely, whether you live in this city or you are a tourist, this Amsterdam art museum is a must-visit. No matter the mood of the day, once you enter, you can just have fun. Are you short on creativity? A visit to this museum can fix that problem.