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6 Places in Bangkok to Feed Your Wanderlust! 

Known as “the Land of Smiles”, Thailand is remarkably the earliest South-East Asian nation to excel in tourism. Bangkok, situated on the western coast of Thailand, borders the Indian Ocean.

The city is not only the capital of the country, boasting mind blowing tourist spots, it is also the cornerstone of the tourism industry. Be it the sanctity of the temples, the awe-inspiring looming skyscrapers like the Mahanakhon Skywalk Tower, striking malls, authentic street food, or the culture of street art, Bangkok has a plethora of unique experiences to offer.

Not only is the architecture stunning, but the infrastructure, culture, and inherited geography of the city are also unparalleled. Chao Phraya river, flowing from the middle of the city, adds to its natural attraction and elegance while the ChinaTown food street makes it a perfect choice for foodies too. Whether it’s tranquility you’re looking for or exuberance, Bangkok is the place to go.

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Here are a few places that you should consider visiting when you go to Bangkok.

Temples of Bangkok

The temples of Bangkok are the heart and soul of the city. Home to previous kings of Thailand, these sacred places are all masterpieces of ancient architects. Thus, if a glimpse into the rich history attributed to this region is what you want, be sure to check these out.

Located on the west bank of the Chao Pharay river, the temple of Dawn is rightfully the most popular of these temples. The white bricks used to construct the gigantic stupas of the temple exhibit a unique and elegant outlook.

The largest Buddha Statue, placed in the Wat TraiMit Temple, boasts royalty. Made of pure gold, this stunning temple represents the remarkable Thai architecture styles and is truly a marvel to behold.

The spiral-shaped staircase of 344 steps in the aesthetic Phu Khao Thong temple may sound exhausting, but, thanks to scenic views, is worth the effort. Wat pho is the largest temple in the city and, inscribed with the mother-of-pearl, the reclining Buddha here is another captivating work of art.

Thus, to truly instill the glory of Bangkok, you must visit these temples.

MahaNakhon Tower

As well as spiritual temples, Thailand is home to an array of noteworthy skyscrapers. The most prominent of these is the MahaNakhon tower. The word itself means “the great metropolitan”, and, fittingly, it reaches as high as 314 meters above the ground, thus making it the second tallest building of the country.

As soon as you enter the elevators, the digital screens are sure to capture your attention. Then come the mind-boggling shopping zones, top-tier restaurants, and cozy rooms, made to alleviate all the stress a visitor may have.

Located on the 78th floor, the MahaNakhon Skywalk is the most tempting component of the tower. Being one of the highest and largest rooftops in the MahaNakhon Tower, this is also open to the public.

From here, thanks to the absolute transparency of the glass ceiling, you can easily appreciate everything below. In fact, you get an actual bird’s eye view of the city from all sides. This may seem frightening to some, but for true adventure seekers, this is an experience to remember.

As an added benefit, the ticket to enter the MahaNakhon Tower costs just $37.

The Food Street in Chinatown

After New York Chinatown, Bangkok Chinatown is deservedly the most popular one globally. Known as the street food capital of the world, the Bangkok Chinatown has a diverse range of the most complex to the simplest dishes that will leave you yearning for more.

The 1.5 km long dragon-like Yaowarat Road encompasses the major segment of the food street. With numerous options of food, especially for seafood lovers, this might be the most diverse street here. Among all the seafood stalls here, Fai-Kaew Yao Wa-Rat is the most popular one, and, thus, draws the biggest crowd too.

The Wat Trai Mit, containing the golden Buddha, and Wat Mangkon, the largest temple in the city, are also both situated in Chinatown. Therefore, if you missed the opportunity to visit them before, you can easily do so during your Chinatown tour.

Another popular segment of the street is the one with the marvelous and blasting bars. Among all, the Grand China hotel, offering a panoramic view of the Chao Pharay river, is the most famous one. Plus, the live music and vibrant audience of the hotel is the vibe you will want to end your day on a perfect note.

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is the largest, and arguably one of the most stunning, wooden buildings in the world. Among the masterpieces of the renowned architect Mr. Lek, the building structure does not contain a single piece of metal or nails. Owing to the sanctuary, Thailand also recently won the Best Travel Industrial award.

There are four sculptures built on the roof of the sanctuary, each representing a different message. All of the sculptures show women carrying things that symbolize the essential needs of the nation, like the fertility of land, peace, and prosperity. Thus, portraying a strong reminder of how Thailand could achieve sustainability while moving into the future, these sculptures are truly a work of artistic brilliance.

Similarly, there are four halls inside the sanctuary, each one with a historic significance of its own. Reflecting the basic Buddhist beliefs, the Northern hall, with the doctrines of Confucianism and Taoism, is the one that attracts the most tourists. This is not, however, to say that the other three halls are any less valuable.

Chao Phraya River

The history of Bangkok dates back to the 15th century, when the people settled on the banks of the Chao Phraya river in search of fertile lands. Thus, some of the most visited tourist places of Thailand have also been constructed along the banks of this river.

Owing to a mix of natural and architectural wonders, the ferry ride in the river is the best option for a citywide trip. Asiatique is the visitors’ most common choice, while many also prefer  to take a glance at the famous shark of the ‘Bangkok in the River City Shopping Mall’.

There are three major express boats to take a tour around the river. The orange flag is most liked as it stops at nearly all of the tourist spots, including the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, and even Chinatown. The blue flag boat, on the flip side, is known to overcharge the visitors while touring a shorter route and making even fewer stops.


When visiting the river bank, do not forget to make a stop at the ICONSIAM. Boasting itself as the second largest mall in Thailand, it is regarded as the perfect outing spot for shopping fanatics.

ICONSIAM offers a diverse shopping experience, with ample options to fulfill your shopping cravings, while the indoor floating market leaves the tourists longing for more. This market serves the dual purpose of promoting specialty cuisines from the 77 provinces of Thailand while also representing the rich Thai heritage. Thus, this place is considered no less than heaven for food lovers.

To take it further, ICONSIAM is also planning on opening Thailand’s first Three Michelin Star restaurant and Singapore’s famous Jumbo Seafood restaurant. Further, be it Audemars Piguet or Gucci, the mall houses top-tier brands, from all over the world, in all conceivable shopping categories.